Journal of Japonisme


The Journal of Japonisme is a new multi-disciplinary, global publication dedicated to all aspects of the Japonisme movement from the first appearance of the name in France in the 1870s until the 21st century. The journal is open to new ideas and findings from the most wide ranging disciplines of the humanities: history, visual culture including the history of art and design, the decorative arts, painting and the graphic arts, architecture, fashion, film, literature, aesthetics, art criticism, and music. While Japonisme has long been seen as a significant influence on Western culture, there has never been an international journal that would specifically examine all aspects of this cultural phenomenon from a variety of disciplines and angles, and in a global perspective.  This is one of the principal reasons why the emergence of this publication is so essential.

The official launch of the Journal of Japonisme is scheduled for the 28th of February, 2016, at the Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam).

The Journal is published twice a year by Brill. Individuals are eligible for free access until 31 December 2017.

Editorial Board: Gabriel P. Weisberg (University of Minnesota, Managing Editor), Willa Z. Silverman (Penn State University) and Ricard Bru (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Advisory Board: Edwin Becker (Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam), Gregory Irvine (Victoria and Albert Museum, London), Elizabeth K. Mix (Butler University, Indianapolis), Oikawa Shigeru (Japan Women’s University, Tokyo), Johannes Wieninger (MAK, Vienna)


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