From Industry to Art (Barcelona, 1714-1914)

Palo seco CALVERA From industry to Art copia.inddGRACMON-UB research group has published the book From Industry to Art. Shaping a Design Market through Luxury and Fine Crafts (Barcelona, 1714-1914), edited by Anna Calvera and the published Editorial Gustavo Gili.

The book examines the historical origins of design in Barcelona emerging during the modern era, the extensive period spanning 1714 to 1914, through the essays by several professors and researchers. It charts the different stages of the industrial revolution exploring theory, the work of artists and artisans, the articles produced by industry and the ways in which these products were consumed. Topics covered in this volume include: design and illustration in the eighteenth century; the debate between Art and Industry in Barcelona that arose in the nineteenth century; the influence of Modernisme on creative, productive and consumer behaviour; the advent of foreign influences and their local Catalan re-interpretation; and the figure of the decorator during the Art Deco period in Catalonia. There are several essays on Modernisme and one of them devoted to Japonism and the Barcelona Textile Industry.


1 – Introducing the Research. Searching for the Historic Roots of Current Design Culture. Barcelona 1714-1914. Anna Calvera.

2 – A General Framework. From Design Function to Design Factor: The Hypothesis of the Three Origins of Design Applied to the Case of Barcelona. Anna Calvera.

3 – The Legacy of the Eighteenth Century: Overseas Markets and the Influence of Trade Routes in Domestic Decoration. Rosa Creixell.

4 – On the Relationship Between Art and Industry: a Cultural Debate in the Nineteenth Century, the Precursos of Industrial Design? Pilar Vélez.

5 – Salvador Sanpere i Miquel. A Traveller at the End of the Nineteenth Century: From a Utopian Vision of Industry to a Pragmatic Interpretation of History. Mireia Freixa.

6 – The Artistic Woodworking Sector in Barcelona at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: Developments in Commerce and Enterprise. Teresa-M. Sala and Julio Vives.

7 – Japonisme and the Barcelona Textile Industry: Renewal of Models and External Influences. Ricard Bru

8 – On Bibelots and Living Room Bronzes. The Work of Sculptor-Decorators in the Modernisme Period. Juan C. Bejarano.

9 – Rethinking the Significance of Catalan Modernisme in the History of Design in Barcelona. Teresa-M. Sala, Anna Calvera and Mireia Freixa.

10 – Art Deco in Catalonia. Mariàngels Fontdevila.

11 – Epilogue. Gracmon: Charting our own History. Mireia Freixa

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