Natures of Art Nouveau

Natures of Art NouveauNatures of Art Nouveau is a travelling exhibition 2013-2015 organised by the Réseau Art Nouveau Network in the framework of the European project “Art Nouveau & Ecology” (2010-2015) supported by the Culture 2007-2013 programme of the European Commission. The exhibition comprises two identical concurrent exhibitions. It has been curated by Teresa-M. Sala and has involved the collaboration of a team of documentalists, including Fàtima López, Vàngelis Villar and Ricard Bru.

The goal of the exhibition is to draw visitors into an original discovery of Art Nouveau and its relation with nature, showing the evolution of artistic work from the idea to final products in Art Nouveau style, thanks to a richly documented iconography. Botanical and zoological themes were prominent in objects and buildings in both the flourishing styles favoured in Western Europe and the more austere Jugend style popular in Finland. It was a time when the invention of the microscope and the development of photography revealed the beauty of nature in a new way, while Japanese art inspired people to take up nature photography. Nature also had symbolic significance as the forms and curving lines typical of Art Nouveau expressed the sensuality and vitality of nature. The exhibition will give the general public and Art Nouveau lovers the opportunity to understand the role of nature in art, especially during the turn of the nineteenth century.

From 5 October 2013 to 16 February 2014, the exhibition will open in Brussels (Brussels Info Place) and Helsinki (Helsinki City Museum). Later will travel to Nancy, Alesund, Riga, Terrassa, Barcelona, Bad Nauheim, Ljubljana, Aveiro and Regione Lombardia.

NaturesEl proper 4 d’octubre s’inaugura a Hèlsinki l’exposició itinerant Naturaleses de l’Art Nouveau, organitzada pel Réseau Art Nouveau Network dins el marc del projecte europeu “Modernisme i Ecologia” (2010-2015) i comissariada per Teresa-M. Sala. La mostra, dirigida al gran públic, recorrerà les diverses ciutats del Réseau durant el període 2013-2015 i es podrà veure a Barcelona i a Terrassa l’any 2014.

L’objectiu de l’exposició és permetre als visitants una descoberta original de l’Art Nouveau i la seva relació amb la natura, mostrant l’evolució de l’obra artística modernista des de la idea fins al producte final, amb l’ajuda d’una iconografia ricament documentada. L’exposició, en la qual hem col·laborat com a documentalista, juntament amb Fàtima López i Vàngelis Villar, ofereix al públic en general i als amants de l’Art Nouveau l’oportunitat de comprendre el paper de la natura en l’art del tombant de segle XX.


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