Considering and interpreting leisure

12_1904zNew book: Considering and interpreting leisure. Pastimes, entertainments, hobbies and addictions in the Barcelona of 1900.  Includes our study about the first exhibitions and art galleries in Barcelona (Visiting exhibitions. The first galleries and art spaces in Barcelona, 1850-1910). To download the free eBook click here.

In the throes of modernization, the Barcelona of 1900 was buzzing with energy and an unprecedented culture of leisure emerged. The city’s residents made full use of their free time, forging relationships with one another through a highly varied range of initiatives and activities, taking advantage of existing opportunities and creating new ones. In addition to the traditional celebration of civic festivals, popular meals and various types of processions, innovative new forms of cultural consumption sprang up to satisfy all tastes and budgets. Numerous cinemas opened, the first amusement parks threw open their gates and new theatres raised their curtains. Thanks to these developments, the vicinity around the avenue Paral·lel became the epicentre of Barcelona nightlife. This book offers a panoply of images of the diversions, entertainments and hobbies of that fascinating era of contrasts, the turn-of-the-century Barcelona of Modernisme.

El proper dimecres 13 de febrer, a les 19h, presentarem al CCCB el llibre Pensar i interpretar l’oci. Passatemps, entreteniments, aficions i addiccions a la Barcelona del 1900 de la col·lecció Singularitats del GRACMON, l’edició impresa en català i l’edició anglesa en format ebook gratuit. La presentació, alhora, servirà per donar a conèixer el primer mapa virtual d’espais de l’oci de la Barcelona de finals segle XIX i inicis segle XX. L’acte, conduït per Xavier Roigé, degà de la Facultat de Geografia i Història de la Universitat de Barcelona, i presentat pel filòsof Gregorio Luri comptarà amb la presència dels membres del grup de recerca GRACMON.

2 thoughts on “Considering and interpreting leisure

  1. Ricard. Que alegria encontrarte en la internet con una profesion tan interesante. Te recordamos desde la estadia en Chicago. Saludos de todos los Salvatores.

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