PhD Thesis: Japonisme in Barcelona

La presència del Japó a les arts de la Barcelona del vuit-cents (1868-1888). Tesi doctoral. Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, 2010. La tesi s’aproxima la presència i la influència de l’art i l’estètica del Japó la Barcelona artística del vuit-cents prèvia a l’època del Modernisme, els inicis del Japonisme a Catalunya. A més d’analitzar la presència del Japó i les seves arts a Catalunya, la tesi estudia com aquest fet va tenir una clara incidència en el desenvolupament de l’Esteticisme a l’entorn de les arts de la dècada de 1880.

This PhD thesis examines the presence and the influence of Japan and its arts in Barcelona, central focus of the Japonisme in Catalonia and Spain. Given the huge volume of materials found (c. 1900), I finally decided to limit the dissertation to the detailed study of the earliest contacts between Barcelona and Japan, until  the 1888 Universal Exhibition.




One thought on “PhD Thesis: Japonisme in Barcelona

  1. Read your two wonderful pieces on line, on Japonismo in Spain. They are simply fabulous: Japanese Influence on decorative arts in Barcelona, and Ukiyo-e & Japonism in the young Picasso’s circle. I’d like to use the first title as one of my references on an article on Spain and Japan since the XVI Century. Your permission is requested to quote your statement on p/2:” Japanese designs played a key role to overthrowing academic and historic motifs in favor of developing & creating new artistic styles.” If you want my personal information, please let me know. Million thanks!
    Do you have or intend to have a book in English on the above topic?

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